Mark McMurray (joikmeister) wrote,
Mark McMurray

Flash Gordon: November 24, 1996

One of the great things for me during the 1996-2003  Jim Keefe  run on the Flash Gordon syndicated comic strip, was getting the chance to help with fill-in's from time to time. It was an honor to be part of a great line up of guest artists during that time.

Here is a copy of the pencils I submitted to Jim for the strip that ran on November 24, 1996. For fun, I drew Jim as the character yelling in the second panel that they'd found survivors.


When Jim finished the strip, the character made a dramatic change into some shiftless, hairy, troublemaking hippie (AKA me).

(I have to admit that it was kind of cool being in the comic section of the Daily News that weekend.)


'Nuff said.
Tags: 1996, flash gordon, jim keefe
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